For Immediate Release: 21Million “21M” token

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We received notification today that “21M” token will be delisted from Cryptopia ( along with 24 other tokens. The formal notification came via the New Zealand Regulator that informed Cryptopia they are not able to list tokens that behave as a financial product under New Zealand Law.

We have been expecting this news and in the past few months we have been working with Chainstarter who have a crypto exchange called will list only tokens that are deemed financial products. The exchange is already fully operational and we will be announcing in a few weeks when it can go live.

The expected jurisdiction for   will be Malta where we have seen a number of crypto exchanges move there.

The coins set out below have all been put into delisting by Cryptopia:

  1. Aureus (AURS)
  2. Bitradio (BRO)
  3. ChronosCoin (CRX)
  4. DCORP (DRP)
  5. DDF (DDF)
  6. DecentBet (DBET)
  7. LFTCCoin (LFTC) *
  8. ProudMoney (PROUD)
  9. OX Fina (OX)
  10. 21Million (21M)
  11. BitcoinDark (BTCD)
  12. BlockOptions (BOP)
  13. Bonpay (BON)
  14. NeuroDAO (NDAO)
  15. CrowdCoin (CRC)
  16. DigiPulse (DGPT)
  17. DRP Utility (DRPU)
  18. EncryptoTel (ETT)
  19. Futereum X (FUTX)
  20. HomeblockCoin (HBC)
  21. InterstellarHoldings (HOLD)
  22. Lithiumcoin (LIT)
  23. MatrixCoin (MATRX)
  24. PlexCoin (PLX)
  25. TenX (PAY)

we have been working with for a number of weeks” explains Nick Ayton Founder 21Million “as the news from Cryptopia was expected, we intend to get 21M token relisted in a few weeks

Clearly we expect a great of activity” mentioned Dmitry Koval Director “now that many exchanges globally are delisting any token where the regulator may deem a financial instruments, many tokens will be looking for a new home”…


Chainstarter is a second generation token launch platform that supports entrepreneurs looking to issue tokens that are deemed security or asset token, payment tokens and or utility tokens. Where asset based tokens will require the buyers to be fully accredited investors and pass KYC and AML. is a fully functioning Crypto Exchange that provides primary and secondary markets and market making for tokens that are Securities or Asset backed tokens. A full trading platform that forms part of a new crypt infrastructure that supports new Crypto Capital Markets.

21Million a crypto funded TV Series Season 1 plays out against a backdrop of the Bitcoin Revolution the series tracks several of characters that have been treated badly by the current system and discover crypto currencies with some very deadly consequences.

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