21Million Token Holder Update: August 2018

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Many of you will have seen the recent 21Million teaser produced with our partner Bingeable Networks, the first in a series of short teasers and videos that set up Season 1 of the TV show.


Teaser can be seen here: YouTube

There will be a few teasers that support a marketing and post campaign, where the message remains the same:

‘The People are Living a Construct. Their Lives are not their own. They awaken. They discover another path’.

Other associated videos “you have been sold a lie” Here is the latest in a sequence.


Production Update:

The story line for Season 1 is being refined and professional TV writers engaged. The next teaser and the extended pilot episode is expected to enter pre-production after the August holiday period in September.


The 21M token sale raised money to make the initial pilot and cover pre-production costs for creating the story for Season 1. Despite the issues we have the good news is we have successfully raised 75% of the capital required to make the full Season 1, budgeted for $1.5m per episode (with 8 episodes planned for the season).

21M Token:

Discussions to re-list 21M token continue at pace with Crix.io a crypto exchange that is based in Malta and due for live operations in September. 21M Token holders will soon be able to register on Crix.io and set up a trading account similar to all other Crypto Exchanges. Initially 21Million will make a market for the token as new market makers get involved. The other consideration is we may complete a 21M/BNGST swap, that allows 21M token holder to benefit from quarterly payments (share of gross adjusted revenues from subscriptions where they have access to 300m fans already) from the Bingeable Network that will benefit 21M token holders from a wide range of content on the Bingeable Platform, not just 21Million TV series.

Discussions are ongoing and we will keep you informed of progress.

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