24th September 2019

Dear Friends & Fans

This note is an update for fans and 21M token holders. We are making great progress with the 21Million project. As a result I wanted to share some insights and review into the things we are working on. As many of you may realsie it was a signifiacnt task to take on making a short film. The good news is we shot 170+ scenes. This gives us a library of rich content from which to create the story. These scenes are in post production and have already been cut into a first draft of the short film, called HSAH#

Trailer Episode – Short Film

We secured just enough funding to make a short film. After all we were breaking new ground with our ICO in June 2017. The first not to be building Blockchain software. The good news, is this approach this gave us a distinct advantage that most TV and Film content makers do not have. The opportunity to make a product, that demonstrates the teams capabilities, shows what we can do, ahead of my vision to produce an entire Season 1. In essence the short film is our Mininum Viable Product that demonstrates the potential of what is to come.

During post production meetings after discussions with Alex, the Director,  the decison was made to re-name the trailer – HSAH#

Post Production

Our scenes have been in post production for four weeks. Everything starts with the first edit cuts, in the film industry are called “Editors Assembly”. This is completed. Next comes the director’s edit or “Directors Assembly” I will see 25th September 2019. This is an important milestone as the Producer to create the “Producers Assembly”. A cloe to final edit to make sure the essence of the story delivers the emotional gritty edge I am looking for.

The mechanics to support  our short story, we have assembled 7 primary scenes and a smaller of connecting scenes to make the story. My objective is for the final edit to be ready quickly, to extract a ‘sizzle reel’. This will be a 120 second teaser that will be the centre piece of our promotional assets to support the next fund raising acivities. With a final product in hand we are in good shape.


A  story is centres on Josh, the main protagonsit, a timid geek who makes a discovery that not only advances science 30 years creates a basilisk.

If you are wondering what a Basilisk is? A Basilisk is a situation that emerges simply knowing something immediately places you in danger.

Cinematic Release

The trailer episode is the prequel to Season 1.We have been looking for ways to get eyeballs to see our film and after discussions with Alex the director,we agreed the format of Episode 1 should be a 90 minute film. Followed by 5 TV length episodes of 47 minutes and a season finale. This way gives us better options to have Episode 1 released in cinemas and not just on a TV platform such at Netflix or Hulu.

Release dates?  The initial strategy will be to pair our feature with a new main film title. Our short film will be Rated 15, largely due to some bad language, guns and blood. Thus it has been more difficult to find the right film to support.  The target date remains 26th November 2019.

Season 1

The objective of the 21Million Project is to deliver the trailer episode, but also to make Season 1. This offers better returns for orginal token holders and new investors. As a bonus to 21M holders and investors I have written the entire Season 1 with 2 complete episodes ready for final scripting, which is included as part of this production. And packaged as part of the next funding round that offers token holders and investors the opportunity to get a return from the licensing and distribution of the TV Series. Further good news after consulting industry people, suggests our content is on trend.

Its all about Josh…

It will be interesting to see how Josh, the main protagonist, comes to terms with stepping up after he is thrust onto an unwelcoming global stage. After all he is an unprepared geek who spends most of his time playing computer games and coding. He is illequipped for what is to come. But Josh isnt altogether completely innocent as he holds a deep seated concern about the existential risk of Artifical Intelligence. Unbeknown to everyone, Josh has found new answers that may ultimately save humankind.

Next Round of Fund Raising 

In October we start to prepare for the next round of fund raising. This will begin in earnest when the trailer episode is delivered by post production. We will then make plans for the Release Night where we shall invite investors, fans, to meet the team, cast and crew and director. And because we have many overseas fans in the community we have decided the event will be Live streamed.

Who can get involved?

The 21Million website offfers fans, investors and those interrest parties three options, (i) to  register an interest to attend the launch event in London (ii) to register for Live streaming and (iii) to log an interest in becoming an Investor.

It is all starting to come together as we have reached an exciting time in this project. We look ahead to the future after all we have a great story and cast and crew.



Nick Ayton

Creator and Executive Producer

21Million Project

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