NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT:LONDON 6 October 2019


The Worlds first Crypto Funded TV Series to showcase at CC Forum event in London….. www.CC-Forum.com

The CC Forum – investment in Blockchain and AI is one of the Worlds most sought after events. Held at the Queen Elizabeth II centre in Westminster in London between 14-16th October 2019. It is the most important Blockchain and AI event of the year…

Today: the creator of 21Million TV Mini Series about the existential threat of Artifical Intelligence, Nick Ayton announced they will formally announce the project at the CC Forum next week…

The event creates intelligent debate and this years event has the whos who in Crypto and Blockchain: Craig Wright, Roger Ver, Nouriel Roubini, Tim Draper, Brock Pierce, Bobby Lee, Tone Vays and 60 other speakers. 

“The event delivers intelligent debate and in the past some controversy as the most powerful people in Blockchain and Crypto go toe to toe in discussion and debate” say Nick 

“It is notoriously difficult to get film and TV projects funded, and the creative people often have to sell their souls to satan and end up with nothing” mentions Nick

Originally funded in June 2017 from an ICO which enabled the story to be written, the production planned and filmed….

“It was an easy choice as Max Studennikoff the CC Forum Founder puts on the best show which gets better each time” mentions Nick “and he knows the significance of announcing the worlds first crypto funded TV Series, to an appreciative audience” 

“We are excited to be able to showcase the 21Million Project official launch of the worlds first Crypto funded TV Series, which is also about Blockchain and  AI” mentions Max Studennikoff Founder & CEO CC-Forum

The story of the 21Million project is another story within a story with many ups and downs and almost didn’t get this far. Filmed in August 2019 in Shoreditch the trailer episode will emerge from post production in October, and cinematic release is planned at the end of November 2019.


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