July 2019

Confidential Update:

Token Buyer Briefing

Dear 21M Token Holders

It has take the best part of 18 months to re-boot this project to where we are now. Having survived the ‘crypto winter’ we are now on schedule to start filming the trailer episode in mid August 2019. The script is signed off, the production budget in place and the cast chosen.

In this update I will explain where we are with the project, the plans for 21M tokens and how we intend to finance Season 1. 

Re-boot of Project

The damage done by David Lofts my co-founder at the beginning of 2018 was significant. I managed to settle out of court with the IP owners of the director and writer where it was revealed David stole the original 21Million story. David’s action placed the entire project in jeopardy before we had started and why I decided to fire him. Since then it can come as no surprise he has continued to attack the project and spread mis-information. 

But despite this here we are. I have kept in contact with many 21M token holders who remain patient, but also very frustrated, with some quite upset simply waiting for the 21M to be re-listed to liquidate their position. As a buyer and holder of many AltCoins myself I can fully understand this position.

In the original white paper four outcomes were presented depending on the amount of funds raised. We arrived at the lower end having enough to make the trailer/pilot and proof of concept. 

I was reminded that our equivalent to other crypto projects that rather than writing code and building a Blockchain we are creating content line by line as story and dialogue, as ideas and concepts, as production and filming to create our own MVP (minimum viable product) the short film trailer. The product. 


I decided to rewrite the entire story for both the trailer episode and the entirety of Season 1, given the explosion of shows like GOT, there is hunger for these platforms to fund decent content. It is was clear the large studios and platforms are attracted to projects that offer season longevity, that can run for a number of years. The new story is very different and is both current and on trend.

The story follows the journey of JOSH CEO of Quantum Jump a software development company that makes a ‘discovery’, that turns out to be a Basilisk. In other words just knowing the information places you in danger because of what you know. A discovery so profound it advances computer science and science itself many decades, something many didn’t think was possible. All of a sudden JOSH (and team) is thrust onto the big stage for which they are grossly unprepared. 

Season 1 sees JOSH struggling to deal with the fall out from his discovery, however JOSH is hiding a much bigger secret. Something so huge places him in the middle of global espionage as this Tech Thriller gathers pace against a backdrop of Deep Tech impact on us all, in particular Artificial Intelligence. 

“The new cold war is the fight for AI supremacy.” 


The short promo video offers you the opportunity to meet JOSH, can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO9KVKN6wAg


The trailer pilot will be mainly shot in Shoreditch in London, an upcoming technology hub and location of many start ups. The perfect setting for a British stylised ‘tech thriller’.

Production & Filming

I was considering filming the short film in West Hollywood, and earlier this year announced the project planned to work with Bingeable Networks and Production based in LA.  But given budget constraints and urgency, I decided to work with Get Shorty Ltd who are a specialist maker of short films.  After seeing the groundbreaking film Skid Row Marathon, one of my favourites of recent times, I closed the deal and took our opportunity. 

We have a great team and have been fortunate to get Lorenzo Levrini as director of photography, a BAFTA winning cameraman and have a first class production team led by Alex Dawe as Director, who assisted me in finalising the scripts.

We expect to be in post production in September and we will have a packaged product by end of October 2019 with a planned cinema launch the first week November 2019.


The trailer is our ‘product’ that shows the potential of the story that we can use to attract new fans, investors and followers. 

The launch will be through the privately held cinemas in London initially and across other platforms. The official release will be a showcase event, with the cast, crew and selected audience that will include many people from the TV, film and media investor network.

Early conversations with the major content and distribution platform such as Netflix indicate that assuming the trailer resonates, there would be appetite to part financing the Season 1.  

Netflix remains the largest investor in new pay-tv content with a UK budget announced of $6billion, with Amazon, Hulu, HBO, NBC, Warner, Disney and interestingly to keep its growth their portfolios to find hundreds of new shows to replace content coming off licensing. 

On the streaming side the competition remains Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV…

Season 1 Financing

There are several options emerging to finance Season 1.

The mix of financing is important, in terms of traditional debt funding from the likes of Netflix, versus primary financing using private capital and of course we will continue the option for funding via crypto. The plan will be to issue a new token enable holders to view the content, and for other benefits from broader licensing and distribution opportunities.

21M Token (SWAP)

I have been looking at options to re-listing 21M tokens. Against a backdrop of constantly changing market conditions and emerging regulatory frameworks. The choice of crypto exchange remains a challenge given the nature of the token and with several leading exchanges under investigation accused of wash trading and front running also known as pumping and dumping. There are some with a good reputation although not many offers sufficient liquidity for traders to make a market for 21M tokens.

With this in mind it makes sense to consider issuing an entirely  new token on the back of our trailer. The current thinking is all 21M token holders will be rewarded with a 3:1 SWAP for the new token to be named. So for every 21M token held the holder will receive 3 new tokens. 

Of course the key here is liquidity, making sure to offer buyers and sellers the option to trade in and out, as I am sure there will be some who just want to sell 21M or equivalent. A new token we also believe will attract new fans and interest in the project, and bring in new liquidity that will help our community.

The search for UK Content

As Netflix looks to spend £6billion on content in the UK alongside others with large budgets early discussions indicate strong interest in the new story which is both on trend and delivers depth of plot and longevity. The trailer is our showcase to show what we can do, delivers an introduction to the story and sets the scene for what is to come. Our timing appears good.  

About 21Million Productions Ltd

21Million Productions Ltd is the production company that along with Get Shorty Ltd will be making the trailer pilot episode. 

“21Million” is the generic name of the project. 

The title for the trailer is ‘the discovery’.

The name of the Season has not yet ben confirmed although the names of some of the early episodes along with the story line have been confirmed.

Nick Ayton

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