21Million Productions Ltd signs production agreement with UK production house Get Shorty for the making of the TV series prequel “The Discovery”

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19 sees a collaborative agreement for the TV project to make the Prequel pilot trailer and an agreement in principle to work on the making of Season 1 of 8 episodes.

“We really love what Nick is doing with the story line for the TV show which he has written using his deep technical knowledge of crypto currencies and Blockchain and his natural leaning towards conspiracy theories and a dislike of banks” says Alex Dawe, Partner and Director of Content at Get Shorty Entertainment.

This is not the first time 21Million Productions Ltd has worked with Get Shorty Entertainment https://getshorty.net/entertainment/ which saw them collaborate on the Crypto Game Pitch Show, in early 2018, where entrepreneurs al la Dragons Den and Shark Tank pitch their ICO projects to a panel of investors and judges. A competition format which resulted in the projects getting help and funding. The pilot episode can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reLc3bThqr8

“We have worked with Alex before on the gameshow concept and we like working with Get Shorty who are easy to deal with and a leading creative company” explains Nick Ayton Executive Producer & Writer 21Million Productions Ltd. “The gameshow was universally heralded as a great concept but didn’t go into production as the crypto bear run in 2018 suffered a distinctive correction”. “So the concept was shelved but the relationship with the Get Shorty team remained good”.

Storyline Content: The conspiracy centred on Bitcoin and the crypto markets continues at pace where each month new information emerges on who maybe Satoshi Nakamoto and who are the people that can now influence the Bitcoin markets. Is it the institutions have made their moves as many believe the FED is behind BTC and Walls street now controls BTC price. With the Tether pump and dump discovery now under investigation the very basis of the crypto revolution continues to come under
regulatory scrutiny and the industry is starting to eat itself. The rumours continue and some of the original figureheads are revealing themselves, stalwarts like David L Chaum with his new Elixxir project, the founder of DigiCash and the father of the Cypherpunk generation.

“There are a lot of conspiracies and content to play with along with other emerging pervasive technology that sits alongside Blockchain” says Nick. “Moves like Quantum Computing and the Singularity impact of AI and Machine Learning, as well as the revelations that all devices now contain spyware”. “This offers rich content to write a new season that explores where the Bitcoin Revolution is heading, who is behind it and the impact of other dark forces and power brokers that have entered the game”.

“And the prequel story immediately sets hares running introducing some early tech theories that should get the core community engaged”.

About 21Million Productions. https://www.21milliontv.com 21Million Productions Ltd owns the rights and script (story) to the prequel trailer and to the follow on Season 1 comprising 8 episodes. The 21M concept was conceived in early 2017 and has since changed direction several times from a film, to a documentary and now a TV season. Completely re-written by Nick Ayton the story which starts with “the Discovery” is centred on the founders of a Blockchain development company that makes life threatening discover, that has global repercussions in a series of stories (episodes) as Season 1 plays out. The story has already been written for Season 1 and the first episode 1 that follows the prequel will going scripting at the end of filming the trailer.

About Get Shorty Entertainment https://getshorty.net Get Shorty Entertainment is a London based full service production consultancy specialising in creating film, cinema, music and live show content and is a division of the QPUK owned creative content agency, Get Shorty Ltd.

Get Shorty Entertainment creates immersive experiences that can be seen, heard, and shared and draws on over 10 years experience of working with globally recognised brands and partners in the film, cinema, music and advertising industry. Get Shorty’s approach to creating impactful content across different sectors and industries offers an innovative non traditional approach to film making.

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