“21 Million” Inks Exclusive Deal with Blockchain Streamer Bingeable Network

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DUBAI, UAE – April, 09, 2018 – In the first deal announced at the 2018 AIM Congress in Dubai,
the creator of the scripted, dramatic series “21 Million”, which successfully completed an ICO in
July of 2017, has signed an exclusive production and distribution agreement with new streaming
service Bingeable Network.

Bingeable’s decentralized marketing and distribution platform empowers well-known creators
and talent to produce the projects they are most passionate about and then deliver that
content directly to their fans. Bingeable then offers producers and stars a share of the
revenue of the entire network from the first dollar of revenue. In addition, the network’s
blockchain-powered tracking and accounting system defies the traditional “Hollywood
accounting” structure by allowing stakeholders such as talent agencies and artist guilds to verify
every transaction in the network.

“21 Million”, a limited series, merges the fascinating and mysterious world of crypto currencies
with the political and social intrigue of a dramatic thriller.

“I’ve always envisioned the series to be a mixture of ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and
‘House of Cards’. Multiple story lines, multiple conspiracies all weaving together to create an
entertaining, suspenseful show that will make you think.” said “21 Million” creator and selfdescribed
cypherpunk, Nick Ayton.

According to Bingeable Network Founder and Co-CEO, Stephen Murray “21 Million” was a
natural fit for the network. “One of the key elements to our model is that the creators of the
project have a real passion for the story. It is hard to argue that anyone is more passionate than
Nick about the worlds of crypto and blockchain technology. Also, because of our blockchainpowered
platform it made a lot of sense for us to be the home for a story about crypto.”

Bingeable Network is scheduled to launch in late 2018 with an initial slate of an original featurelength
film, a scripted series, an unscripted series and a documentary from high-profile creators
and talent whose combined social media reach exceeds of 300,000,000 fans.

About “21 Million”

The 21Million Project’s aim was to be the first crypto funded TV/movie production and to do
things differently to the Hollywood system that embraced sexism, inequality and operated
behind closed doors.

The 21Million Project has had several months in gestation from concept, to ICO and now
entering pre-production phases, and required a complete rewrite of the original story since
parting with one of the original team members.

About Bingeable Network

Bingeable’s Subscription-based Video on Demand (SVOD) service decentralizes the marketing and
distribution of premium filmed content, music and books by enabling creators and talent to deliver their content directly to fans.

Bingeable then provides fair and transparent compensation for creators and talent through a
blockchain-powered, distributed “Trust Network” in which every transaction is verified by industry stake holders.

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