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21Million Productions Ltd  is a UK based TV production company. The first piece of content is a tech espionage TV Mini Series that is set against a backdrop of the existential risk of Artificial Intelligence and the race for AI supremacy between USA and China. 



“Artificial intelligence is the biggest risk we face as a civilisation and needs to be checked as soon as possible…”

Elon Musk 

Trailer Episode

In August 2019 we filmed a trailer episode as a ‘short film’ in Shoreditch, London that was shown to fans in December 2019 – the official launch.

The short film is called HSAH#  that sees Josh and his team thrust onto an International stage of spies and governments, as everyone wants what they have discovered. As tension builds they emerge in the middle of a new AI driven cold war that has deadly  consequences for them all.

The pilot is the prequel for what is to come… 

The pilot was filmed in partnership with Get Shorty Entertainment Ltd, an award winning short film maker, who filmed Skid Row Marathon. We could not of done it without them. We were also fortunate to have Lorenzo Levrini, a BAFTA winning director of photography and amazing cast of fine actors…

Introducing a new British written and made TV Series…

The team wanted to make a British made TV Series with an entirely different style to Hollywood .

The pilot episode was written in 2018 as the project re-booted itself. Many who have seen the short film recognised the similarity to three Days of the Condor starring Fay Dunaway and Robert Redford filmed in 1973.

The pilot was  filmed as a short film called HSAH# lasting yes your guessed it 21 minutes. The sound track samples amongst other things the sound of a Quantum Computer.

The showcase release of HSAH# was on 18th  December 2019 at Soho House.




Josh a computer geek  makes a discovery that advances computer science 30 years, creating a basilisk for his team, that has  deadly consequences for everyone that knows. But Josh holds far deeper secrets. He is working on something that may just save humankind from itself…




Season 1 follows Josh the founder at Quantum Jump a Cryogenic Computing company he founded. Set against a backdrop of the existential risk of Artificial Intelligence, Josh’s and his team are thrust onto a global stage away from his geeky, uneventful world of academia and computer gaming.

Josh is concerned the AI threat to humanity is not being addressed, and he decides to do something about it. Josh has been working on something that will help humanity redress the balance. 

Josh, a brilliant computer scientist is single minded in his efforts, soon realises his power lies within.  He uses his intelligence to avoid capture becomes a weapon… A fast paced story gathers momentum starting with a 90 minutes episode 1 and reaches a season finale over 5 further episodes.

Season 1 follows on from the trailer episode HSAH#, filmed in Shoreditch, London. The season parallels the real story unfolding as Google claims to heave reached Quantum Supremacy, one step closer to Artificial General Intelligence before reaching Super Intelligence.    

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Tech Thriller

About: People/Team


Executive Producer & Story Creator

Nick is a globally recognised futurist and speaker in the world of Deep Technology, Quantum Computing and Decentralised tech. A veteran of more than 10 tech starts-ups he has spent more than 40 years in technology. He believes we have passed Singularity the point at which AI becomes a major issue for humankind.

The story he has written reflects his desire to awaken the people to embrace what is to come, as an AI Quantum world approaches.

Nick has been focused on Quantum Computing, Artificial General Intelligence and recently joined the boards of Mythic Studios and TriStar Entertainment.

Lorenzo Levrini

Director of Photography (DoP)

Lorenzo is an Award Winning, including a BAFTA, director of photography who lives in London. Born in Rome, he was obsessed with cameras and making his own short films by the time he was 11. After wanting to be a photojournalist for a few years, he discovered cinematography and has been working in the industry for eight years.

Lorenzo has just completed feature film Redcon-1 starring Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi) and is currently working on short and long form narrative while shooting commercial and music video projects. Lorenzo joins the growing team on the making of our 21M short film – HSAH# 

Alex Dawe


Alex is a well established award winning director and business owner, with years of experience within film and digital content production. Alex oversees a highly experienced team of full service creative production specialists. 

Founder of Quarantine Productions Ltd and Director of Get Shorty Ltd, Alex studied film directing and production at University and immediately saw the potential of the story written by Nick believing it must be made into a TV mini series. Alex is the director of The Discovery.

Meet the CAST – “HSAH#”

Zachery Lewin (Played by David Wayman)

Zachery Lewin (Played by David Wayman)

Head of Software Development &Testing

Zach  has a Masters from UC Berkely in Computer Science and Cryptography, the son of famous tech entrepreneurs. He is very smart and a brilliant coder and met Josh at a hackathon. Zach like to take risks and push boundaries.

Samuel Wong (played by Matt Barkley)

Samuel Wong (played by Matt Barkley)

Director Marketing


Sam studied Maths at Imperial College where he met Josh. He is less academic than the others and runs the sales and marketing for Quantum Jump. Sam is hiding something. He has been with Josh from the beginning. 

Josh Thomas (played by Matt McClure)

Josh Thomas (played by Matt McClure)


Josh has a Masters Degree from Imperial College London in Computer Science and founded Quantum Jump using money from Bitcoin mining. Josh is also keen on Quantum Computing and loves retro gaming. A brilliant coder  he has other things on his mind and keeps a big secret. 

Dafney Rogers (played by Olivia DLima)

Dafney Rogers (played by Olivia DLima)

Software Development

Daffers met Josh at a hackathon and has a degree in Maths and Computer Science. She is the voice of reason in the team. Passionate and true she sees to good in all situations. 

Edwin Davies (played by Nic Pople)

Edwin Davies (played by Nic Pople)

Social Realists

Ed runs a global academic community called Social Realists and he follows everything. He is very clever, yet eccentric, the grandson of Dr Gordon Davies. He has a unique view of what is really going on.

Yula (played by Laura Jean Marsh)

Yula (played by Laura Jean Marsh)

Russian Asset

Yula is an assassin at the top of her game, a master of disguise she speaks several languages She dislikes men and hates animal cruelty. She has a dark violent past.

Darab (played by Jonathan Ojinakka)

Darab (played by Jonathan Ojinakka)

London Based Asset

Darab is ex British army soldier, a loner and experienced agent, serving all over the world. Good with guns his favourite a Glock 38 which he uses frequently. Unafraid of anything, hates bullies.

Mr Reizler (played by Alexander Devrient)

Mr Reizler (played by Alexander Devrient)

CEO - BIOTech Company Switzerland

Mr Reizler is the biggest client of Quantum Jump who are building a Blockchain for his BioTech company in Switzerland. His company are about the release a new drug that is revolutionary.

Kat Davies (played by Darcy Ayton)

Kat Davies (played by Darcy Ayton)


Kat is a waitress part time while studying Nutrition at Bath University. She works in the local cafe where Josh goes most days.

The journey so far…

The project has come a long way since its inception in 2017, a story itself, as a few times we almost didn’t get there, as an ex team member try to stop it.

With the pilot short film in hand we have approached studios, platforms and teams that search and buy new content. It is a tough industry to break into as the platforms will not accept direct contact.

After another short re-write we are in discussions with ‘show-runners’, the people that have written and made successful TV Series before.

The  original 200 page screenplay written by Nick needs to be adapted for television and we are interviewing experienced TV writers.



“I decided to re-write the story from its original path. Firstly the releative advancements in Quantum Computing and AI are a concern, and  I wanted to make a prequel as short film that introduces key concepts to viewers they will need to pay attention to, as AI driven by Big Tech firms becomes more engrained in our lives – opening the door for humankind to be placed on the back foot ” explains Nick Ayton



Anyone that understands making Film and TV content will know its a long process and 90% of projects don’t get there and don’t make any money. That is not to say our project won’t make it. Our timing should be good. There is significant interest in new TV Series content as the market shifts to a ‘bing watching’ culture. Netflix and Amazon have changed our viewing habits and TV series (digital viewing) are now as popular as cinematic release. Disney has also entered the market with Disney+ pulling its own content onto their platform. With Apple, Hulu, HBO and Apple TV all searching for new stories, shows and talent.

To attract their attention we need to have a show-runner employed that has adapted the screen play into a formal episode 1 program, written for TV.


The Market Opportunity

There is significant search for new content as the major studios (Big 6) have been closed for 4 months and the platforms need to find and release new content to justify subscriptions. Netflix announce a $6.2billion budget for UK content with other platforms budgeting similar amounts. Our Season 1 strategy will comprise a full 90 minute first episode 1, followed by 5 or 6 * 45 minute episodes ending in a season finale of 90 minutes.

As technology accelerates, and with the US and Chinese are each others heels, the world of espionage in a post Snowden era many countries have used AI to influence elections, create civil unrest and spread mis-information through over 1 billion fake social media accounts. And the public generally don’t realise its happening. 


Cinema Release 

We have adapted our strategy for a post Covid world where we intend to focus on making a TV Series that will be streamed from a platform rather than make content for cinematic release. We will make the first episode as a 90 minutes feature in case the cinemas open up again.

We do not know when cinemas will open again, however the calendar backlog sees the best slots taken by James Bond, Top Gun and other major releases. Both studio and cinema time are fully booked.



The Film Making Processs

We raised sufficient seed capital to make a pilot called HSAH# which acts as the MVP to show what we can do. The short film is essentially a demo and helps us get to the next stage. Several people that put cash into the project are asking what happens next.

The next phase is to attract a showrunner to help the project write a full scripted TV episode that can become a full feature and the start of Series 1. TV writers are expensive and we are in final interviews with a very successful writer.

The team are looking to raise $1m to $3m capital to make the full pilot episode that can be streamed on the major platform or distributed to TV broadcast.  It is estimated Series 1 with 6 to 8 episodes will cost $12m to $20m. 



News & Updates

As 2020 continues the 21 Million team have been in discussions with agents and show runners to see if they are interested in helping us make the TV series. Several have read the initial screenplay and like the story, but require it to be adjusted for television. 

In June we started interviewing experienced script writers and these discussions continue. Other discussions with studios are taking place about adding the series to their slate of IP.

Filming Insights

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