The first crypto funded series

The 21Million Project is the first crypto funded TV drama series set against a backdrop of the Bitcoin Revolution which is going on all around us.

It is a wakeup call for the millions of people that are not aware of a fundamental change to commerce, how governments operate and insight to a new crypto enabled society. We have an opportunity and a duty of care to create a TV Series that will inform the people, tell them the truth and explain the liberating potential of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology, as the future of mankind may well depend on it.

Quote: “Bitcoin is the first currency not created and controlled by government. It represents a significant step forward and opens new possibilities for mankind to recover from a world of debt, loss of privacy from too much surveillance and challenges ‘the few’ that control most of the worlds resources ”. Nick Ayton Crypto Evangelist

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Global Thought Leader in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
Nick is a globally recognised name in the world of decentralised business management, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies and a veteran of eight start-ups. He has spent 30 years working in the technology sector, holding a number of senior executive and management positions for Siemens, CapGemini and CSC. He is well known for creating and designing consumer facing services from insurance claims to self-service pensions and in-flight cabin management and entertainment equipment for global commercial airlines.

An accomplished writer, speaker and Blockchain business architect, Nick has spent the last few years helping organisations with their Blockchain strategies, designing Blockchain solutions and propositions and advising on ICOs while also writing for the market leading online Cryptocurrency magazine Coin Telegraph as their London correspondent, where he is known as The Sage of Shoreditch.


President of Content Bingeable Networks
An entertainment industry veteran of more than 25 years, Mr. Gilbert began his career as an executive for Oscar-winning producer Scott Rudin and developed films including Clueless, Sabrina, Nobody’s Fool and The Truman Show. He became Head of Development for director John Hughes, developing Reach the Rock, Flubber and 101 Dalmatians. He then partnered with Oscar and Emmy award-winner Stan Winston, producing the Creature Features series, Wrong Turn, The Deaths of Ian Stone and Skinwalkers. Gilbert’s independent produc- ing efforts include Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins and Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, the two highest-rated broadcasts in the history of Cartoon Network, Winchester, starring  HelenMirren and JasonClark and 9Satra an animated feature for Exformat Films and Igloo Studios. Mr. Gilbert’s consulting work comprises crafting strategies for companies entering the entertainment space or improving upon strategies for companies already in the entertainment space, including Exformat Films and Resilience Capital.

Season 1 - The Story Line

The Concept: Breaking Bad, meets Lock Stock meets House of Cards, meets Crypto…

Set against the background of the Bitcoin Revolution the series follows a range of characters that are about to face the reality of what is really going on in their lives. A realisation they have been sold a lie, their life is a construct designed so the system can financially manipulate them and steal what little value they have been able to accumulate to support them in old age.

Each episode explores conspiracy theories. Who is really behind Bitcoin, and who or what is Satoshi Nakamoto? Why was the original white paper was seemingly abandoned online at a time the banking systems was in turmoil?

There are many questions but not many answers.

Each character enters the Bitcoin world in different ways, some are caught in the cross fire of those trying to destroy Bitcoin with deathly consequences, while others find Bitcoin offers a new path to prosperity as the drama plays out, it mirrors the reality of a quiet revolution that is happening right now, the Bitcoin Revolution..

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Thriller



21Million Token Holder Update: March 2019

For Immediate Release: London Dear 21Million Fan Subject: Progress reportYou will have seen the 21Million teaser produced with our partner Bingeable Networks back in August 2018. Notwithstanding a winter of discontent as ALTCoins continue to under perform, now that...

21Million Token Holder Update: August 2018

Many of you will have seen the recent 21Million teaser produced with our partner Bingeable Networks, the first in a series of short teasers and videos that set up Season 1 of the TV show.   Teaser can be seen here: YouTube There will be a few teasers that support...

For Immediate Release: 21Million “21M” token

    We received notification today that “21M” token will be delisted from Cryptopia ( along with 24 other tokens. The formal notification came via the New Zealand Regulator that informed Cryptopia they are not able to list tokens that...

Project – A new approach

The original concept for the 21Million Project was predicated on finding a better, fairer and more equal way to make film and TV content before the Harvey Weinstein affair broke, that confirmed what we already knew. The Hollywood system is rotten and the networks and platforms control what gets made and more important they dictate how much the creative talent, the artists, the writers, cast and crew get paid. More often than not engineering the outcome so it is nothing at all. All of the power concentrated into the hands of a few ‘king makers’.

Great content has to find a way to reach the Fans. Great stories told by the creators who want to share what they have with the fans directly, without giving away a disproportionate amount of income and control over what they have created. This is why the 21Million TV Series decided to work with Bingeable Networks a direct to fan content distribution platform and production house that sits on the Blockchain.

“Blockchain is the prefect technology for creating a fair and transparency way of doing things for the entertainment industry, where everyone can gain new trust and confidence is a system that rewards artists from the first dollar collected and allows the fans to create their own channels to watch the content from their favourite stars. A place where the artists can deliver the things they have made to individual fans making them feel special and engaged.” 

Mentions Nick Ayton Founder 21Million “We made it for you…

How can you get involved?
The 21M token are available on Cryptopia Exchange

Why Television?

The story was originally to be played out as a feature film. As with many creative processes there was a difference of opinion and the concept for the 21Million Project ‘forked’. It was clear that order to do justice to the story that has the Bitcoin Revolution as a backdrop, we needed more time to explore the various conspiracy theories and fully develop the characters from within a full TV Series format, thinking ahead to the first season, would make more sense and deliver a better outcome for everyone involved.

The original team members, advisors and crew have changed and a new team who have many years working in TV story-telling, production and directors have taken over, and we are looking to get teasers, a pilot trailer completed quickly. As there is a strong indication Season 1 will be fully funded as there are a lot of people that want to see this made.



Woking with Bingeable Networks the 21Million TV Series will become part of a stable of original content that forms part of a direct to fan model. This is a new entertainment model that rewards the people that matters. Where fans can create their own channels and share the content they love with their friends and with other fans.

 “21 Million” was a natural fit for the network. “One of the key elements to our model is that the creators of the project have a real passion for the story. It is hard to argue that anyone is more passionate than Nick about the worlds of crypto and blockchain technology. Also, because of our blockchain-powered platform it made a lot of sense for us to be the home for a story about crypto.” Stephen Murray Founder and Co-CEO, Bingeable Network


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