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The 21Million Project is the first crypto funded TV drama set against a backdrop of the Bitcoin Revolution which is threatening the establishment, challenging the status quo of financial markets and creates the opportunity for people to win back control of their sovereign identities.

“Bitcoin is the first currency not created and controlled by government. And it will not be the last, as all fiat currencies throughout history go to zero over time as no government has fiscal discipline. The advancement of crypto currencies has the potential to liberate mankind from the excesses of imposed debt, draconian surveillance and the removal of the peoples sovereign identity via a surveillance society. A system designed to keep the people dumb and on the back foot, to  allow the 1% to control the worlds resources, finances and decisions”

Nick Ayton Blockchain Evangelist

About: People/Team


Executive Producer & Story Originator

Nick is a globally recognised name in the world of decentralised ledgers, Blockchains and Crypto currencies. A veteran of more than 8 tech starts-ups having spent over 40 years in technology. He has strong views on Bitcoin and who is really behind it, the impact of technologies on our liberty and how they will fundamentally change the nature of work and society itself.

An accomplished writer and speaker, Nick is no fan of government, believing the parliamentary systems have already failed, believes central banking policies Arte the primary problem eroding peoples freedoms, and believes cryptography in the form of native crypto currencies, from the inception of Bitcoin Blockchain, has the potential to re-balance society and solve many of the structural issues that now exist.

Author of the Bitcoin generation, this is your ticket to the greatest event in town, , Nick believes we have arrived at a time where the majority of political, management and organisational systems designed for and in a different era, no longer serve the people. He believes we are now at a special time where so many pervasive technologies have arrived all together, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Internet of Things and Decentralised Blockchain ledgers, each one will have a massive impact on us all, where the impact of an all at once arrival, will have a profound impact beyond anything seen before.

21M is an opportunity to make the people aware of what is happening round them and to wake the people up from the lie they have been sold.

Lorenzo Levrini

Director of Photography (DoP)

Lorenzo is an Award Winning, including a BAFTA, director of photography who lives in London. Born in Rome, he was obsessed with cameras and making his own short films by the time he was 11. After wanting to be a photojournalist for a few years, he discovered cinematography and has been working in the industry for eight years.

Lorenzo has just completed feature film Redcon-1 starring Carlos Gallardo (El Mariachi) and is currently working on short and long form narrative while shooting commercial and music video projects. Lorenzo joins the growing team on the making of our 21M short film – The Discovery


Season 1 - The Story Line

Set against a backdrop of the Bitcoin Blockchain Revolution the TV series follows a Blockchain software development business in the Shoreditch district of London make an accidental discovery that has the potential to change everything we know and trust. The problem for the founders is this makes big government, national security agencies, the banks and the large organisations powerless should this discovery fall into the hands of the people…

The discovery sets a brutal path for the young naive founders (geeks) that sees their world, their lives and those around them torn apart, as what they have found leaks out and everyone it seems wants what they have and will go to any lengths to get it.

The short film/prequel was going to be filmed in the west Hollywood district of Los Angeles but now the production schedule partnering with Get Shorty Entertainment Ltd in London now plans to film in Shoreditch, the UKs hipster technology hub, just north of the city of London’s financial district.

Genre: Suspense, Drama, Thriller



21Million Token Holder Update: March 2019

For Immediate Release: London Dear 21Million Fan Subject: Progress reportYou will have seen the 21Million teaser produced with our partner Bingeable Networks back in August 2018. Notwithstanding a winter of discontent as ALTCoins continue to under perform, now that...

For Immediate Release: 21Million “21M” token

    We received notification today that “21M” token will be delisted from Cryptopia ( along with 24 other tokens. The formal notification came via the New Zealand Regulator that informed Cryptopia they are not able to list tokens that...

The Project: the journey so far

The project has changed, ‘forked’ a few times since its inception in early 2017 when the original concept was discussed. Recent changes in the story line, the format, personnel and distribution strategies have crystallised to this point where 21M – the Discovery will begin filming at the end of July, early August 2019.

What started as a libertarian movement project that wanted to do things differently to the traditional Hollywood approach where the talent, the artists, the actors don’t get what are entitled to, has pivoted to a commercial model that enables us to raise further capital needed to make a TV Season rather than a single feature film.

The story was also too complex and important, and warranted more time to develop the characters and see the story develop over further Seasons 8 episodes.  Today for this format of TV series to work, pioneered by the likes of Mr Robot, The StartUp and others, the commercial sense in the current climate is TV first, delivering better returns for smaller budget shows like 21M given the explosion in bing watching series on Amazon, Netflix and HBO original content.

Whilst the project will stay true to some of the original ideals, the story and format is entirely unrelated given IP concerns. We have lost both time as we entered 2018, the project lost focus as the ALTcoin bear market emerged, differences of opinion emerged and the Bitcoin winter took hold.  It was apparent the commercial realities have of making TV content had to be respected along with the individual wishes of community that put up the initial capital want to see the story made.

“I decided to completely re-write the story from its original path for two main reasons. Firstly the Bitcoin Blockchain industry has shifted and we wanted to story to be current, and secondly I wanted to make a prequel and short film and write the entire story for Season 1 so I knew how the story played out” explains Nick.

Financing & Distribution

We raised sufficient capital to make a pilot short film, designed as a prequel to introduce the story line for Season 1 and carry over two main characters, and introduce two new ones in the final scene,  into episode 1, which starts where things left off as an edgy, brutal, energy fuelled continuation from where the short film ends…

We are fortunate as we have a tokenised economy supported by 21M token that delivers additional flexibility to help us finance the TV show, as well as provide other options and incentives to maximise costs and reach different commercial arrangements with third parties, production crew and for promotional activities.

As we get ready to film we are planning distribution and are looking to show the short film at privately owned cinema chains, and will also look at online platforms to reach our target audience. And of course we are speaking with the major platforms such as Netflix that offers better potential outcomes for 21M token holders and free access to all our content, the filming itself and access to the the making of 21M that is filmed in parallel to the main feature.



The short film prequel will be filmed in Shoreditch in London with our new production partners Get Shorty Ltd with an entirely new production team, director and producer.

Filming is scheduled for late July/August  2019 and the budgets, scripts have been agreed and casting has already started.

Location scouting has identified several locations in and around Shoreditch where some recognised landmarks will be part of the backdrop.


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